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Interpreting Division - Overview

Language barriers inhibit the quality of service provided to people with limited English proficiency. Our highly skilled professional interpreters can help.

Interpreting is an activity that consists of establishing, either simultaneously or consecutively, oral or manual communications between two or more speakers who are not speaking or signing the same language. LinguaTrans® provides a range of interpreting services to meet your needs and budget.

Interpreting services provided include:

  • Consecutive interpreting
    • Involves a pause between language conversions: first the interpreter listens to the entire original phrase or passage, then interprets it into the other language.

  • Simultaneous interpreting
    • Real-time interpreting: speakers talk as they normally would, without pause, as the interpreter listens to one language and speaks in another.

  • Telephone interpreting
    • Consecutive interpreting provided over the telephone.

  • Whisper interpreting
    • The interpreter works next to one or no more than two listeners and, either in simultaneous or consecutive fashion, transmits the message in the client's ear.

Scheduling interpreters in virtually any language is effortless. Simply contact us with your request.

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